Our Story

Our story began many years ago. Festiva Getaways originally opened its doors as a travel agency under the name ETourandTravel, providing customers low-cost vacations to dream destinations like Orlando, Florida. In the nearly two decades since, the company has grown exponentially, attracting the attention of top vacation ownership company, Festiva, which bought ETourandTravel under the condition that we continue to do what we do best, i.e. offer great vacations to customers at affordable prices.

But, being part of a family means sharing the family name, so Festiva decided to re-christen us Festiva Getaways. And, still, all they ask us to do is provide customers with low-cost vacation getaways and stellar customer service.

Which is precisely what we will continue to do.

Currently, customers can purchase inexpensive vacation packages to destination getaways in Branson, Charleston, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Orlando – and many more great destinations will be available to our customers in the future. Festiva Getaways can tailor packages to your needs, no matter how long or short you plan to stay. Our goal is to ensure that you get the vacation of your dreams.

So, when we think about it, our story is really your story. It’s all about your family vacations, your family memories, and your family’s happiness. It’s about ensuring that your vacations continue to draw you closer together spending time in locations where you feel comfortable to be your truest selves.

Now, go on and write more of your story. We’ll always be here to help you do that.

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