October 25, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

A Short Drive Across Orlando to Antique Heaven

Kissimmee is just south of Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Orlando, which means it's ideally located for visiting almost all of the city's attractions. But Central Florida is designed to get you anywhere and everywhere in no more than an hour so long as you avoid I-4 like the plague and aren't afraid of a few tolls. So, the real question is where do you want to go?

We might have a suggestion for you if you like to shop.

From Kissimmee take the 429 North towards Mt. Dora, and then shoot up 441 to visit Renninger's, an amazing flea and antique market in Mount Dora. It's only open on weekends, which is perfect because you really want to avoid the theme parks on weekends since crowds spike and become nigh impossible to work through.

It's a large complex with two main components - the flea market and the antique market. Both contain wonderful finds whether you're a bargain hunter or an antique connoisseur.  You'll spend hours searching through all of the booths.

The flea market is laid out like any good flea market should be, with an ample sampling of rare finds and carnival food. You may need to roll up your sleeves and dig through the piles of goodies, but that's all part of the fun.

Or, if you prefer a more organized shopping experienced, head on into the air conditioned building where the regular vendors have set up shop after shop of antique merchandise waiting for you to discover some gems. Have you been trying to renovate your farmhouse with a set of glass doorknobs but are one knob short? There's a booth for that. Want to outfit your dining room with an antique serving table? There's a booth for that, too.

Prepare to spend the whole day there because there's simply THAT much to look through. And when you're done, historic Mt. Dora is a quick jaunt away to find some amazing dining choices. Then, it's back on the 429 for a return drive to your resort, ready for a new adventure at the parks!