July 14, 2017

By: Festiva Getaways

Behind the Scenes of “Moses”

Just about everyone has watched the behind-the-scenes material on a DVD or Blu-ray to see how movies are made. But, have you ever climbed up on stage of an immense Broadway caliber production and seen how the sets, lights, and sound combine to make an unforgettable theatrical experience?

The wizards at Sight and Sound theaters in Branson are offering visitors the chance to walk on stage of their massive production of “Moses” to see precisely how all of the magic is pulled off.

They’ll lift the veil on their stage to show and introduce you to a million watts of lights, sixty-thousand watts of sound, and a massive stage that’s over twenty-thousand square feet in size that wraps around the audience on three sides and towers over you, four stories tall.

During the 60-minute walking tour, you’ll gain an inside look at what it takes to put the epic story of Moses and how he freed his people on stage. You’ll get to see the technology and ingenuity that powers the drama of each show. See first-hand what keeps the lights, sound, stage – and even animals – on cue.

But prepared to drag your jaw along the floor as you step out onto the stage for an actor’s on-stage view of the theater. It’s a perfect complement to your show-filled vacation in Branson! Book your tour today!

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