November 9, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Liberty Tree Tavern, Or Liberty Tree Heaven? You Decide

Anyone else’s thoughts turning towards Holiday feasts? I’m talking about the massive, multi-course meals with the types of portion sizes that Sherpas are typically needed to help reach the top of – there’s that much food.  But why wait for mom or grandma to cook up a mountain of food when the Magic Kingdom delivers heaping helpings of holiday heaven every day at the Liberty Tree Tavern. 

The restaurant is in Liberty Square, just a stone’s throw from the Hall of Presidents. You’ll often notice the hostesses dressed in colonial garb standing outside to greet guests on their way in. 

Now, people often complain about the food prices at Walt Disney World, but this is the restaurant that nullifies that argument since the meal is all-you-can-eat, served family style. You can literally continue eating until you feel the cost-to-food ratio meets your expectations. 

Here’s how it works, and why it’s so wonderful. After you check-in for your reservation, your family will be seated at a table that compliments its size. And then, they bring out bowls and plates of food. If you finish a bowl or a plate, they bring another one and another until you scream, “Uncle!”  

And, oh, what food it is! You'll be treated to three kinds of meat; beef, pork and turkey. And then there's the sides: macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad and bread. Oh, and for dessert? There's Johnny's Appleseed's Bread Pudding which is warmed bread pudding served with an apple compote and topped with a vanilla crème anglaise. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. And remember, you can have as much of any of it as you want. 

And as a new, added bonus you can order this meal at lunch. Previously, at lunch you only ordered off of a menu, and at dinner you could only get the all-you-can-eat dinner. Well, since dinner reservations can be hard to come by, they’ve added the family meal to the lunch menu alongside the regular offerings.  

You may want to pack a pair of pants with an elastic waistband and be prepared to go back to your hotel afterwards in a food coma. But it’s the sweetest food coma you’ve ever experienced in your life.