July 27, 2018

By: Festiva Getaways

Escape Summer's Heat at Indoor Play Parks

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the dog days of summer?” Its origins are ancient, and have to do with the dog star Sirius being highest in the sky during the hottest days of summer, which is a nerdy way of saying it is incredibly hot outside. Like, fry an egg on the sidewalk type of hot. What that adds up to is that while on vacation, you might want to find something indoors that’s fun to do, at least for when it gets to be mid-afternoon and the heat becomes ridiculous.

Let’s say you find yourself vacationing in Orlando in August, and the afternoon showers have given way to stifling humidity that makes you crave a little go-kart racing in climate controlled air conditioning. Whereas that seems like an oddly specific craving, it’s not impossible to find in the theme park center of the universe. Andretti Indoor Karting & Games is a quick air-conditioned Uber ride from anywhere in the Orlando area, and features precisely the type of out-of-the-sun shenanigans that your family needs. The go-karts are all electric, fast, and fun to drive over their many challenging tracks. There’s also the indoor ropes course suspended above the arcade, a two-story laser tag arena, and boutique bowling.

Or, after a morning of basking in the sun along the ocean’s shore in Myrtle Beach, you may be want to give your crispy skin a rest by visiting 710 North Myrtle Beach, which is more than an address, it’s an indoor gaming center. With the tagline “Burgers, Bocce, Beer & Bowling,” this unique amusement center redefines the term “bowling alley” with its philosophy of being a fun, casual, and relaxed venue with more games than just bowling. Along with 14 traditional and 6 boutique bowling lanes, they also feature billiards, bocce courts, table tennis, shuffleboard tables, air hockey, skee-ball, arcade basketball, and foosball.

You’re a mountain person, you say, and you’ve spent the day hiking the Ozarks near Branson, but are in need of a little less sun in your life? Fritz's Adventure has got you covered as it’s a family attraction that brings the excitement and challenges of outdoor adventure indoors. You’ll enjoy climate controlled climbing, tunneling, sliding, swinging, and zip-lining. Featuring a life-size water tower with multiple slides, tunnels and tubes to burrow in, and an air-worthy airplane to explore, you’ll have a hot time having a cool adventure.

Whether you’re travelling together as a family or just as a couple, you’ll have loads of summertime fun out of the sun.