November 22, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Experience ICE at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando

A White Christmas in Central Florida is a hard thing to come by. You have to be blessed with a long memory to even remember snow in Orlando, which was unfortunately not for Christmas. So, what do you do if you’re around the theme parks for the holidays and want to feel the electric charge of an extreme nip in the air? Well, you could always visit the Peanuts gang in a convention center hall that’s only nine degrees above zero.

The Gaylord Palms Resort has made it frosty in Central Florida for the holidays for many years now with their amazing attraction, ICE. Featuring sculptures hand-carved from 2 million pounds of ice, the attraction is an unrivaled experience that every visitor to the area should indulge in at least once.

Before you hop in the car/bus/taxi/Uber, there are a few things you need to know. The attraction will provide you with a hooded parka so you don’t freeze and inadvertently become part of the attraction. But they do not provide gloves, face, or ear protection (the hood provides only limited warmth to your head). Unless you were raised at the North Pole amongst Santa and his reindeers, you may want to bring your own cold weather gear.

And then, with that in mind, if you’re planning to use your smartphone as your primary camera, be sure you have a finger free for swiping, or the glove you bought will be pulled off and your hand will cramp from the extreme cold. Or if any readers who live up North have some better suggestions for working your phone in sub-freezing temperatures, please help us out in the Facebook comments section.

Once you’re all bundled and warm, you can enter the exhibit. And, oh, what a treat awaits you inside!

The exhibit tells the story of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and it looks just like the characters hopped out of the television and got zapped by a freeze ray. They are truly stunning in their detail (check out a gallery of pictures over on Facebook). You will want to climb right up and hug them, but you’re warned not to touch or, especially, lick them. We’ve all seen “A Christmas Story”, so we know why.

Tickets to ICE are $29.99 for adults, $28.99 for seniors and only $16.99 for children (although kids younger than 3 are free). Buying your tickets in advance will knock a buck or two off of each of those prices.

The exhibit runs through New Year’s Day, and times vary per day, so be sure to check the calendar before planning your visit.

So, brush up on your snoopy dance and prepare to have a freezing good time!