April 19, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Epcot Attractions without the Long Lines

Whenever a Disney theme park opens for the day, there's a rush of people who run to the most popular rides. They know that the lines will only get longer, so getting into the queue first is essential to avoid standing in long lines. In fact, a good portion of your vacation at Walt Disney World will be spent determining the best ways to avoid long lines. But there are plenty of attractions at the parks that are loads of fun that don't require much of a line at all.

Epcot was originally envisioned to carry on Walt's dream of an educational park, so it shouldn't be surprising that a fully functioning aquarium with a ride attached to it was included. "The Seas with Nemo & Friends", does have a long queue, but it's very rarely filled. That queue, though, is amazingly themed to make you believe you are walking off a beach right into the sea.

Once "submerged", you'll board a ride car where you can watch projections of Nemo, Marlin, Dory and other characters from the movies interact with real fish. At the end of the ride you exit into an aquarium with dolphins, sharks, manatees and other exotic sea life replete with Cast Members who will be happy to teach you a thing or two about the animals swimming all around.

Fans of Ellen Degeneres will be happy to know that her Epcot attraction, "Ellen's Energy Adventure" has a short wait. The ride takes you on a multimedia trip through time and features Ellen's trademark quips and humor. The ride itself is on the longer side, so be sure to set off enough time to enjoy it and not conflict with any dining reservations you may have.

Keeping with the educational theme, "Living with the Land" teaches guests about the planet's ecosystem and sustainable farming. It's a boat ride (in air conditioning, hallelujah), that tours your through many exhibits featuring advanced farming techniques that will inspire you to eat a salad. Lots, and lots of salad.

But, if you're really interested in spending time at Epcot without any lines, then head to the back of the park and the World Showcase. Where science and the future dominate the front, history and culture permeate in the rear section. Countries such as Italy, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, England and others have pavilions lovingly recreated in their images.

These pavilions feature entertainment imported from their homelands, food representative of the foreign palates (including alcohol), as well as shops with merchandise indicative of the country. An entire day can be filled touring the World Showcase with very few lines to be found. You can typically walk right up to enjoy the entertainment, or simply enjoy the loving recreation of each culture's architecture.

With Epcot being all about the learning, both sections of the park offer hours of fun that don't require long waits.