July 20, 2018

By: Festiva Getaways

Disney Magic Without Paying Theme Park Admission: Disney Waterparks

With the peak summer heat settling in, it's natural to let your thoughts drift towards pools filled with cool, blue water. And if you're staying in Orlando, and you have a day where you're not playing in the park, you may want to visit one of their amazing water parks.

Typhoon Lagoon is a themed water park with a fun “history”. Long ago, a Typhoon wreaked havoc upon Lake Buena Vista, the technical name of the city Walt Disney World is in. Fishing gear, ships, and surfboards were flung about. In the middle of it all stands the “Miss Tilly”, a shrimp boat that has become lodged at the very peak of Mount Mayday.

Water attractions include Castaway Key, a continuously-flowing “lazy river that encircles the entire park. Keelhaul Falls, a single-rider inner tube slide on top of Mount Mayday. Mayday Falls is the highest and longest waterslide at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon. Get ready for a bumpy ride down the rapids.

Blizzard Beach is another wonderful waterpark with a similarly fun story for its theme. According to legend, a freak snowstorm suddenly hit Central Florida. The western end of Walt Disney World property was blanketed in powdery fresh snow. Disney immediately put into place plans for a ski resort. Unfortunately, before the park could open temperatures soared and the snow melted. So, their newest water park was born.

Some of their more popular attractions include the Downhill Double Dipper, which offers side by side identical racing slides. The slides achieve speeds up to 25 mph and are partially enclosed. The hallmark of Blizzard Beach is Mt. Gushmore, a snow covered mountaintop that is the origin point for many of the park's attractions. You must take a chair lift to reach the top, complete with snow skis. Summit Plummet is a ski jump turned water slide. You will achieve speeds of approximately 60 mph during your 120-foot plunge. This is definitely not a slide for the weak of heart!

A quick word of advice: Florida summers are marked by afternoon thunderstorms which have a nasty habit of closing the rides, so it's best to plan to get to the parks early in the day. Don't worry, it's plenty hot in the mornings in Florida, and you'll have tons of fun cooling off!