August 3, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

A Reason to Travel: Charleston Restaurant Week

A wise man once said that the best way to travel is to “eat your way across a city.” That wise man’s cholesterol level was probably off the charts, but it’s still a sound theory. You will find no greater expression of a local area’s culture than through its cuisine since so much about how we relate to each other is wrapped around the dinner table.

And nowhere is the cuisine as culturally expressive, and exquisitely delicious, as in Charleston, South Carolina.

That’s why it’s entirely advisable to plan a getaway trip to Charleston anytime from September 7th through the 18th, which is when the city puts on its biannual event, the Charleston Restaurant Week.

The event, sponsored by the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association, is the most highly anticipated culinary event on Charelston’s calendar. It is an opportunity to enjoy the world-renowned cuisine of the Lowcountry as participating restaurants offer prix fixe lunch and dinner menus.

Never had Shrimp & Grits? Well, you’ve been seriously deprived, and now’s the time to rectify that. Always wanted to try a Lowcountry Crab Cake? Here’s your opportunity. Curious about what exactly goes into Frogmore Stew? Go on and satisfy that curiosity (and don’t worry, there’s nary a frog in it).

For many of the participating restaurants, you’ll want to reserve your table prior to making your trip, so be sure to check out the list provided by the GCRA.

And once you’re on vacation and seated at the restaurant, take your time eating. Enjoy every bite and each new flavor. Enjoy the company at your table. Slow down and talk. Eat dinner like a South Carolinian. That’s the true gift of southern dinners:  time with your friends and family.

Which is also something we’d love to see! Please take a picture of your group at dinner and tag us on Facebook and on our Instagram, @ETourandTravel.