October 6, 2015

By: Festiva Getaways

What to do in Branson

The answer: theater and shows. What? You didn't know? Well, it's understandable. Most people only think of New York City when they think of live theater. But there are other hot spots of entertainment throughout the country that offer an alternative to Broadway or off-Broadway shows. One of those alternatives happens to be Branson, otherwise known as the live entertainment capital of the world.

The shows of Branson are far more relatable than some of those "artsy" offerings in New York. Country reigns supreme, family values matter, but the shows are still lively and rich with entertainment.

Many country and western stars of the 20th century have settled in Branson and opened a theater. The best part is that they regularly invite their industry friends to stop by and play a few songs. Stars such as Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, and Naomi Judd light up the night with their hits. No matter what time of year you decide to vacation in Branson, a major star is sure to be performing in the area.

That's not to say that there aren't some fabulous acts who have spent the majority of their careers delighting audiences exclusively in Branson. Many family acts - as in acts comprised of a singular family - settled in the city and fostered the local appetite for live shows with their drive and talent. These families are some of the most dedicated and hard working in show business who will go out of their way to ensure that you have a great time.

Music is not the only act in town, various magicians, comedians and theater troupes have set up camp. Each is deserving of your attention and you can point your feet in the direction of the genre that most interests you.

Purchasing tickets is easy, and most don't require a lot of advanced planning. Plenty of sites aggregate the concerts and shows in town, such as www.branson.com, and allows you to browse the more than 100 shows, dozens of concerts as well as purchase tickets to the ones of your choice.

Nights need not be a time for you to collapse on the bed back at your resort after a full day's schedule of outdoors fun, it can be a time to recharge in a darkened theater full of laughter, gasps of wonder or feet stomping along to the down home beat.