December 27, 2015

By: Festiva Getaways

Walt Disney World Attractions Without a Long Line

The Magic Kingdom Edition

Everyone loves the mountains at the Magic Kingdom, i.e. Space, Splash and Thunder. They're very popular rides, and at the peak times of years, like the week between Christmas and New Year, they have insurmountable lines. But there are other wonderful attractions that won't waste half of your day shuffling forward inch by inch, smelling the man's far-too-strong cologne in front of you.

Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 4-D movie smack dab in the middle of Fantasyland that typically has a short line (and an indoor queue, important in the summer months) but an enormous entertainment return on investment. It's a 3-D movie with a super-widescreen, Cinerama like projection system that wraps around the audience's entire field of vision. Extra-lighting effects enhance the 3-D images, and well-chosen "scent blasts" coincide with events on screen to make it an all-sensory experience.

The short film tells the story of Donald getting into a spot of trouble using Mickey's magical sorcerer's hat shortly before a concert played by magical instruments. Donald is thrust into the middle of several classic Disney movie scenes in pursuit of the hat, which has the only power to take him home. It's a funny, nostalgia-filled trip for the audience. And did I mention it's all indoors?

Soaking in the ambience of the park is something many people love to do. Just walking around and enjoying that every nook and cranny has been packed with detail. If you enjoy this aspect of the Magic Kingdom, and you like a good treasure hunt, there's a fun game you can play that sends you all over the Park.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is an interactive card game that guests can enjoy with relatively little wait. Visit the Fire Station at the front of the park and pick up your starter card pack and the game instructions. You'll be taught how to use your key card to activate one of the many magical screens throughout the park that will feature villains from Disney animated movies. The screen will give you a little more of the story, and then ask that you choose the right card from your deck to defeat the villain. Then you'll be told which part of the park hosts the next screen for you to travel to and fight with a new villain.

It's an excellent way to keep older kids and teens entertained when the lines for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train wraps around the building. And if they are of the collector sort, they can collect more and more cards that unlock more and more story. Each time a guest goes through the game they are treated to a different experience. Each of these attractions are excellent ways to fill out your Disney day between the obligatory visits to the roller coasters (that are admittedly a complete blast). Enjoy!