March 7, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Spring Dapper Day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Do you want an excuse to dress to the "nines"? After High School Prom, most adults aren't afforded many opportunities to get all fancy, and that's not really fair. Grown ups like to dress up, too, you know.

Well, a group of die-hard Disney fans came up with a way for adults to play like it's a Spring Formal at Disney Parks by creating the totally not sponsored by Disney event, Dapper Day.

At its core, it's just a day that a group of park guests mutually agree to dress up in stylish formal wear. Taking a cue from the nostalgic nature of Main Street U.S.A., they primarily wear outfits from the first chunk of the 20th century, back when it seemed like everyone aspired to be dapperly dressed.

There is no formal dress code, though, so don't be afraid to dress however you like. It doesn't even have to be a period specific outfit. The main requirement is that you "dress up" and enjoy yourself.

And that's easy to do since the organizers schedule lots of fun "photo opportunities" with the other participants, gathering at locations in the park throughout the day. For instance, you can meet other dapper people in Tomorrowland around noon, ride the riverboat in midafternoon and partake in a sunset spin in Fantasyland on Prince Charming's Carousel.

Since it's not a Disney sponsored event, there is no additional fee to participate. All that is needed is regular park admission and some dapper suits and dresses.

Spring Dapper Day is April 16th this year at the Magic Kingdom. The group will also organize an event in the fall, which will be held at Epcot this year on Nov. 12th.