January 12, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Great Antique Shopping in Branson, Missouri

Who doesn't love finding that truly unique and memorable piece of art or craft to bring back into your home. Something that goes beyond the mass-produced tchotchkes available at the national chains and stands out in your collection as a true original.

Travelers to the Branson area who want to embark on a quest for something that's not only unique, but steeped in the history of the Ozarks should put the Branson Craft Mall at the top of their itinerary. The complex serves up 16,000 square feet of shopping that includes crafts, art, handmade furniture, and antiques.

Top-notch craftsmanship is literally on display as shoppers will find several booths where they can watch the merchandise being created right there in the mall. Have you ever wanted to watch an actual rug weaved from a loom. That's just one of the very nearly lost arts on display daily at the Branson Craft Mall. Shoppers can also watch one-of-a-kind pottery spun up before their eyes seven days a week. Or choose from an array of stained glass windows created right there in the mall.

Arts and crafts aren't the only things created in the mall. There are also delicious treats whipped up to the delight of shoppers at the Hillbilly Nut and Fruit. Treat your sweet tooth to Branson Fudge Co.'s delicious fudge or fill your belly up with a sandwich at the Pickin Porch Deli.

Beyond that, shoppers will find over 200 booths chock full of goodies, any one of which will make a wonderful addition to your home's decor.