September 1, 2016

By: Festiva Getaways

Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 26

For grownups, Halloween isn’t much different than it is for kids. There are scary costumes (that just happen to be worn by people jumping out of dark corners to startle you) and there are treats (that lean a little more toward the alcoholic variety rather than sugar). And nowhere is this truer than at Universal Orlando’s annual Halloween event.

In fact, Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights© is the king daddy of all Halloween events nationwide. It is incredibly popular because it is incredibly fun. It’s an event that lives up to its own hype.

But that also means the crowds are intense. So much so that it’s near impossible to experience every attraction and show in one night.

Some basic advice to avoid the largest swarms of fellow park guests is to attend the event on a weekday as early in the season as possible. The closer you get to October 31st, regardless of which day of the week you attend, the crowds will be thicker and less manageable. Wait times for some haunted houses can stretch to two hours plus on some nights. So, again, go early and go on a weeknight.

What are the houses and shows this year that park goers will be lining up hungrily to be terrified by? Well, there’s:

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – A terrifying maze where guests will be stalked by one of cinema’s most infamous BBQ chefs.
  • The Exorcist – Gird your tolerance for pea soup as the intense exorcism from the Academy Award nominated film is recreated in indulgent detail.
  • The Walking Dead – Cower from hordes of “walkers” as the apocalyptic vision of the biggest show on television consumes a haunted maze designed to awaken your worst fears.
  • Halloween: Hell Comes to Haddonfield – Michael Myers, the original boogeyman of Halloween, returns to HHN with an all-new haunted house that recreates the eerie hospital setting of the second film.
  • Krampus – Sprinkling a little Christmas jeer into a Halloween attraction, Universal Studios brings its newest horror icon, Krampus, to life in terrifying yule-time detail.
  • American Horror Story – Encompassing three seasons of the hit FX show, the AHS house will bring season one’s Murder House, season four’s Freak Show, and season five’s Hotel to HHN for the very first time!
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure– The long-running comedy show that skewers anything and everything from the past year of pop culture returns. It’s truly a can’t miss show.


And don’t forget that simply getting around the park will be a terrifying experience. Five “scare zones” are scattered throughout the park for visitors to travel through. The spooky atmosphere will hide actors who will jump out and frighten vulnerable guests.

So long as you like your tricks terrifying and your treats intoxicating, Halloween Horror Nights© is the destination of your dreams this fall.

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