August 31, 2018

By: Festiva Getaways

Labor Day - Don't Let the Calendar Tell You Summer is Over

For many people, Labor Day is the end of summer. They pack up all of their summer gear, put away all of their white clothes, and settle in for the cooler months. The calendar will even tell you that there’s only three more weeks of summer. But, in actuality, there’s plenty more summer left this year if you know where to look. And by “look”, we mean travel.

Florida regularly thumbs its nose at the calendar and keeps the sun going long after Labor Day. September is still a prime month for beach-going and theme park hopping. And the best part is that both see their number of visitors thin during September.

For theme park enthusiasts, that means shorter lines, which in turn means more time for riding rather than standing. There’s also the bonus that Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World start their annual Halloween Parties in September, which means you can check those out also with smaller crowds than there will be come October.

And, of course, the beaches of Florida are open year round, and there’s still plenty of sun shining to make any day a good day to lay on the sand. There will be fewer bodies to step over to get to the water, and the amazing restaurants that serve fresh seafood will still gladly fill you belly with delectable delights.

It’s simply too early to give up on all of the summer fun when you can still seek it out – so long as you know where to look. (Remember what we said about “looking”? We kinda brought it full circle right there.)